What is an APA?

An amateur press association (APA) is a group of people who produce individual pages or fanzines that are sent to a Central Mailer for collation and distribution to all members of the group.

What is an Organising Editor?

This is one of many terms used to describe the person (or people) in charge of collecting APA contributions, compiling them and mailing the material out to members. The Central Mailer often handles the group’s treasury as well. It is an elected position in most known APAs.

There are several other synonymous terms for Organising Editor, which is abbreviated as OE. Some are Central Mailer (CM), Official Collator, Coordinator, Editor, Administrator and APA Manager.

What is an apazine?

Also called a fanzine or zine, this is an APA member’s individual contribution to an APA. In many of the fandom-oriented APAs, members give their apazines individual titles as if they were a separate publication of their own.

What are mailing comments?

Mailing comments are material in an APA that is in response to past issues of the APA. Different APAs have different approaches to mailing comments, but as a whole they’re regarded as an important part of the APA membership experience. It’s the direct line of communication between members.

What is the copy count?

Many APAs require that members photocopy their own fanzines before sending them to the Central Mailer. The copy count is the number of photocopies that need to be sent, in order to provide enough for all members and for a few extras.

What is minac?

Minac is an abbreviation for “minimum activity requirement.” This is the amount of participation a member has to have in order to remain in the APA. Many, if not all, APAs require members to participate in order to stay in the group.