What DAPPER represents

DAPPER is the abbreviation for Dutch Amateur People’s Press Energetically Reproducing. What Dapper represents for us is fun, writing, reading, sharing and science fiction.

But we are not Dutch. We just orginated at the Dutch SF Woldcon in 1991.

DAPPER is an APA, an international party on paper. Every two months the members of Dapper write a contribution (fanzine) for the party. Any topic can be part of a contribution or discussion. We have one topic we all love: Science Fiction and especially reading and watching science fiction. The current membership is  mostly doing letter substitutes (writing about our lives, opinions and even cookery and travelling), but also almost always fan stuff varying from book, tv and film reviews to con reports to short stories.

The contributors send their contribution to the Organising Editor OE) who prints or copies them, collates DAPPER and sends it out to every member, special relation and potential contributors. We still do love to read from paper, just like the old books. For us, that is a party on paper.

Although we are based in the Netherlands, we have contributors from all over the world and would welcome more from other countries. It gives Dapper that extra we always had: an international view. We are one of the few Amateur Press Asociations around the world that really is international.

Some of the contributors have been aroujnd since the start. Where contrubutors leave, new contributors join. Dapper is a living organism. And after more then twentyseven years, Dapper is very much alive. We want to keep it kickin’for some time, so feel free to contact  us if you have any questions.

New members are most welcome. If you have an interest in science fiction, can write at least one page every four months, you might be a an added value for our APA. If you write more it is even better. Our top contributors write an average of four pages every two months. If you’re interested, look under the button ‘join’.