Join us

What do we expect

We expect only two things from our members. The first thing is to write at least one page every two issues. The only requirement is that material to be credited is original and published first in DAPPER. Secondly, you must keep your financial balance with the organizing editor positive. This is because you have to pay for the costs the organizing editor makes for you. This depends on what you would like him to do. Usually the costs are for postage and copying. If you make enough copies of your own to meet the copycount and send these to the organizing editor, those costs do not apply.

What we do not expect

We do not expect you to write perfect English. It should be understandable for the other readers. We had some fine examples of ‘How not to write official English’ over the last years.

What to do

If you would like to see if DAPPER is something for you or (better), if you already want to join, please contact our organizing editor: and ask him for a speculation copy.

If you receive a speculation copy you must write back to show interest; otherwise, no further issues after the first will be sent.

Further contact information or if you rather use a contact form instead of e-mail, visit our contact page.